16 November 2014

Paint Splash

(Felt hat/ OASAP, Paint splash dress/ OASAP, Leather ankle boots/ Zara, Leather phone pouch/ DIY)

In the mood of colour as a result of my wardrobe tendencies being mostly black, almost on a daily basis. So I ordered this dress on impulse, not sure how often I can wear it as the print is pretty loud. But its a super fun number to have nonetheless. Paired the dress with black accessories to match. Isn't my phone pouch super awesome? It is because I made it simply using only scrap perforated leather and rings from Daiso! Then I attached my sling bag strap onto the rings. I use it sometimes on days when my clothes don't have pockets and its really handy. 

Happy November. One month until Christmas! 


08 November 2014

Into the Woods

(Chiffon dress/ Glassons/ Speckle cardigan/ Factorie/ Sneakers/ Nike Rosheruns/ Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote in black cherry/ ShopBop )

Meet Becky, my new sling bag courtesy of ShopBop. A square of burgundy to complement my mostly black, white or grey outfits. I've been using this bag during weekends when I need a rest from my school week of carrying my Macbook. Despite the small size, it can actually fit all my necessities: phone, portable charger, makeup bag, wallet, card holder and keys. Wearing this white dress gifted to me by my sister for my 20th birthday a couple of months back! Its the perfect summer dress for me but chiffon doesn't do well in humid weather, so I'll probably won't wear it often.

School's out next week then I'm off to being an intern during my term break for a month before I resume my education again. So technically, I've no holiday at all as this internship is part of my course. Which is a shame, because I really need a break from Singapore. Since I can't travel next month, I'm looking forward to the next three month break so I can getaway to New Zealand. It'll be winter, so that means layering and skiing!