29 March 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker Watch

( Baker Watch/ ShopBop
Since the start of this year, I've been wanting a new watch. For the last like ten years, I've been using a Casio Baby-G, it has certainly served me well and I've gotten great mileage out of it. It surprisingly still works, after a few changes of battery. My sister told me no one will take me seriously if I still wore my Baby-G so I decided to get a new watch because it was time for a more matured looking watch. Honestly, I needed to start reading analog before I forget how to haha, I've been too reliant on digital watches. I actually wanted a gold watch but I reconsidered and chose silver instead. Its more practical and matches outfits easier compared to gold tones.

It took me a few weeks to finally decide which brand to pick. In the end I chose Marc by Marc Jacob's Baker Watch, bought from ShopBop. My sister ordered it for me on wednesday and 4 days later, the delivery man was at my doorstep with a huge as box. Ordering from ShopBop was a breeze and the best part is the free international shipping- for orders over $100.  Above is the unboxing of the ShopBop parcel, the Marc Jacobs watch box was nestle in brown paper with a sheet of padding below, accompanied with a thank you card and returns documents. 

Price wise, it is definitely more affordable online than purchasing from retail watch shops in Singapore. I got it fitted yesterday at a nearby watch shop and got some links taken out. I'm totally in love with the watch because its so pretty and shiny. I wore it out on Sunday on my left hand-usually I wear watches on the right- and I barely noticed it at all. It's surprisingly lightweight and I didn't feel like I was wearing it, so I'm glad for the smooth transitioning into this new watch!


28 March 2014



This March was been a overwhelming month, to say the least. School has been madness, that is what i've been describing school as to all my friends because it truly can make a person crazy. I usually hate March because it marks the date of a loved one's death anniversary. So I am glad this month will be over soon, and April shall be a better month. This month I have been really lazy with school and skipping some classes. I want to blame it on why I hate March but thats a sorry ass excuse, I've just been a slightly slack student hahaha. I cannot wait for this semester to be over, I want to work asap. Positive side of March is being occupied with friends, which is what I look forward to every week as an escape from school. Also church has been better and I enjoy the company the most. 

I recently visited the cinema by myself, I've always wanted to do that, just to experience what it's like to sit alone and not be disturbed throughout a film. So far it was not too bad hahaha a bit lonerish of me but I'm not a person who needs to a companion to do something, I'm happy to go by myself. I watched 300 Rise of an Empire. But fun story, I wanted to watch Non-Stop but that day they were only selling the tickets in a pair so I was left to choose the 300 sequel to watch. I was quite annoyed, like why only sell couple tickets, what about people who are going to watch alone? Have you no thought for those people! (tsk) Because I really was keen to see Liam Neeson! Actually just to hear his magnificent voice, haiiii what a shame. Next week I'll watch for sure. 300 Rise of an Empire was a film that didn't exceed my expectations nor disappoint me. I enjoy films set in ancient Mediterranean time period and about Greek history. This film to me was like an adrenaline rush and a visual feast for anyone who loves bloody and violent fight scenes. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it, accept the chick beside me was wincing every time blood was shed. I mean come on, you're gonna expect gore and violence, so if you can't handle it maybe don't watch.

Song to share #2 is Placebo- Loud Like Love 
Sharing another song, I stumbled upon this song via YouTube. The mv is really creative and one that makes you watch until the very end even though it is a whopping 8 minute long vid. Its set in a 70's pool party, which was fantastic to watch. I didn't want to link the video because the thumbnail was a tad inappropriate, but I encourage you to watch it or listen to it below.

Happy Saturday! 

Photo taken by myself.