21 April 2014


( Blue collared dress/ OASAP, Vintage bag/ Thrifted, Kitty print socks/ DAISO, Cream oxfords/ Glassons, Baker Watch/ Marc by Marc Jacobs)

I'm back from an almost month long hiatus due to school, I am finally free from school's chokehold, majorly disliked this semester so thank goodness it is over! I can start blogging more regularly now and my parcel from OASAP arrived which means more outfit posts yay! This is the first from my parcel of two dresses.
I chose this dressed from OASAP because I liked the color and cut. When it arrived I had this feeling that it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it. Lo and behold, it reminded me of a character I used to watch, the little redhead school girl Madeline. Apart from the peter pan color and long sleeves, my blue dress it quite similar to Madeline's uniform. So my outfit serves as a modern twist to the original. I like how the streamlined panels flairs into a feminine skater skirt and the contrast of the stark white pointed collar against the cobalt blue. I matched the dress with my cute kitty print socks and trusty oxfords for a preppy look. 

I have officially finished year one of my course! The last week of school was hella hectic and I hardly had any sleep which resulted in eye bags and break outs, gross. I managed to submit everything even though I did it in a not-so timely manner. And no, my first year did not fly by fast - it has been a loooooong and tough journey. I thoroughly dislike the saying that everyone says all.the.time, it obviously took time. Its not like you snapped your fingers and you're where you are now, it took hours, weeks and months to get there. So my first year is still definitely still sinking in but I'm just super glad its over so I can do what I want and specialize in year two. My 3 month holiday just started, not fully sure what my agenda is yet which is quite unsettling. I decided not to go back to NZ for this long holiday to save money and I want to work. So as of now, I have no concrete plans on what I'm going to do. Hopefully I can quickly find a part-time job soon to kill time and keep me busy. 

Photos by Winona.


29 March 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker Watch

( Baker Watch/ ShopBop
Since the start of this year, I've been wanting a new watch. For the last like ten years, I've been using a Casio Baby-G, it has certainly served me well and I've gotten great mileage out of it. It surprisingly still works, after a few changes of battery. My sister told me no one will take me seriously if I still wore my Baby-G so I decided to get a new watch because it was time for a more matured looking watch. Honestly, I needed to start reading analog before I forget how to haha, I've been too reliant on digital watches. I actually wanted a gold watch but I reconsidered and chose silver instead. Its more practical and matches outfits easier compared to gold tones.

It took me a few weeks to finally decide which brand to pick. In the end I chose Marc by Marc Jacob's Baker Watch, bought from ShopBop. My sister ordered it for me on wednesday and 4 days later, the delivery man was at my doorstep with a huge as box. Ordering from ShopBop was a breeze and the best part is the free international shipping- for orders over $100.  Above is the unboxing of the ShopBop parcel, the Marc Jacobs watch box was nestle in brown paper with a sheet of padding below, accompanied with a thank you card and returns documents. 

Price wise, it is definitely more affordable online than purchasing from retail watch shops in Singapore. I got it fitted yesterday at a nearby watch shop and got some links taken out. I'm totally in love with the watch because its so pretty and shiny. I wore it out on Sunday on my left hand-usually I wear watches on the right- and I barely noticed it at all. It's surprisingly lightweight and I didn't feel like I was wearing it, so I'm glad for the smooth transitioning into this new watch!